vrijdag, januari 05, 2007

QUIZ: Music and food mix well together.

Speciaal voor de muziekfanaten, een fictief verslag over een avondje uit met 2 vrienden. Zoek de artiesten, albumtitels of songs en win absoluut niks.

Last night, a couple of friends and I had the munchies and decided to go out so we went in a bar. “Under the sea” the place was called so we expected to end up in some sort of quiet seafood resto. First thing we noticed however was the music, really loud rock. Lobsters in fishtanks was the second thing that caught our eye. They’ll probably get eaten soon I thought The girl with the raspberry beret behind the the counter pointed us 3 the way to a table. There’s no menu in this joint a fat man told us but for 50 cent you get to eat whatever the kooks prepare. If you choose this option however we will serve you some weird stuff and you must eat it. Watcha want, he snapped! Always in for a surprise Jim and I took the unknown course diner. You too, he said and pointed to Stevo! Yeah dude, he answered. The first course was a deep dish containing nothing but fruit: some slices of orange, peaches, a piece of cantaloupe, sour grapes and a lemon. Heads turned when the bartender brought us our second course, a chocolate starfish and hotdog flavoured water. With a combination like that it wouldn’t surprised us if Ferran Adrià of el bulli was calling the shots in the kitchen. The third course seemed to be regular soup. Hey, ya’ll know soup is good food and it was perfectly seasoned with salt and pepper so that went down easy. Last but not least we had a lovely yet strange desert, Cake with cream and mayonnaise. We ordered one more cup of coffee, got the bill and paid in full. Boys together outrageous it wasn’t but still, lovely evening and under the sea is highly recommended.

Als je dan toch iets in de comments wil zetten, hou het dan bij het aantal verzwijzingen... degene met het juiste aantal mag na het weekend de juiste antwoorden posten.

6 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

De dienster noemde Bettie en de dikke mijnheer Diso zeker :-)

Anoniem zei

niet veel te doen op't werk precies...

Anoniem zei

Ik heb er zevenendertig!

Sid Frisjes zei

Dat zijn er zelfs meer dan dat ik er heb ingestoken... straf!

Anoniem zei

ik kom maar aan 10..
moet ik mij schamen?

Sid Frisjes zei

Let op, het moeten niet per sé food gerelateerde oplossingen zijn hé.

Last night => the Strokes
Hey Ya => Outkast

en toestanden kan dus ook... nu de andere 33 nog!

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