donderdag, maart 23, 2006

Cocklate ®

What on earth was there first! The crazy blogtitel or the delicious recipe!

I tend to say the recipe or topic du jour ‘cause that’s what mainly gets me going on these pages! This time, I reversed the working method (dunno if it was a dare Sarah) and the result…is F@*cking brilliant… Ok, we all know that erotic chocolate already exists but nobody came up with Cocklate to commercialise it.

Make no mistake about it, Cocklate is the ideal name to market erochock, so al I need now is a budget and a partner! The one who gets me on the way by pointing me in the right direction of some dirty moulds (think breasts, penis, vagina, butt, whatever…) is the first to get his/her lovely lips around a divine chocolate cock.

Saying this, I think the bass player of Holy Racket is going for the first bite!

Coming soon, Rocklate and Shocklate

Cocklate ©® is a registraded trademark from the Coolinary group, all rights reserved

2 opmerkingen:

Sarah zei

Goodness gracious, de wonderen zijn de wereld nog niet uit! :)))

Did you already make these examples yourself?!? Don't want to know when or in which conditions you came up with this ehm.. bizarre idea!! ;)

Catweazle zei

heyhey!! You said my nude modelling was for art class!! why you little **&$$*§.

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